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behind the name

 Let’s face it – it is difficult to think of a catchy web site name. Will people think I’m fake, too honest, too trusting? Is the name easy to spell? Does it match my content and audience?

 Judge for yourself. Only1invillage is the name we decided to go with because, we are a multicultural couple. We are both children of immigrants. One half from Hong Kong to England and one half from the Republic of South Africa, Scotland and Ireland to Australia, where everyone is an immigrant, except the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

A commonly assumed thought when one sees a white male and an East Asian female, is that the man is wealthy and comes from the city and the woman is from a small village. This is especially true when you travel through south East Asia and see this coupling. So, as a joke, we say that C is from the village and she is the only 1 in the village to get out.

We also like to think that we are experiencing unique adventures when we go overseas, knowing full well that you’re never alone when you travel nowadays. Sometimes though, we have been the only ones in the village, when we trekked up a mountain side in Taiwan in 30 degree heat and 100% humidity looking for a village at the top! In hindsight, we really wished we hadn’t been the only ones and would have loved to see some fellow humans!

only1invillage also writes on Tripadvisor. Over 260 reviews  on hotels, restaurants and attractions. Search only1invillage.

why the bad grammar

The bad grammar, (missing out the word ‘the’ ) is a play on the cultural stereotype that East Asians cannot use correct syntax when speaking English. C has taught the English language to university level students and you can  rest assured that everything you read here will be proper like, innit?!


 Only1invillage likes to mix it up a bit. Mid range hotels and the occasional splurge on luxury. We also like to rent whole apartments or studios when staying at destinations for longer periods. Sometimes we fly business class but mostly economy.


Only1invillage is in Melbourne Australia with full time jobs and London, England. J is an infrastructure architect and C is a teacher, currently Science, but also TESOL/TEFL/EAL, French, Italian and classroom.



 about us only1invillage

Hmmm, what’s a good website name? only1invillage?

About Us 1
Enjoying a cup of tea at our London base

About Us 2

Relaxing by the pier at our Melbourne base


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Capturing your uniqueness



 Being different, being unique, being the only1invillage! This is an expression from my childhood that has stayed with me through to adulthood. It’s not always negative being the only1invillage!

Whether it’s a photograph, an experience, a phrase, a piece of clothing or even a thought, being the only 1 in the village can be rewarding and definitely lots of fun. It always makes a good story. 

Upload and share your photos and experiences with us!

Have a unique story, experience, photograph, hand made object? Don’t keep it to yourself and be the only1invillage, share it here with us.




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only1invillage favourite faux pas

Oops! did i really just do that?

Over the years, Only1invillage has developed a knack for taking a lot of holidays! Having been a late starter for travelling ( C only got on her first plane at 21, can you believe?!) Wherever we go, we try to learn a few phrases, body language signs, eat traditional foods and treat the environment with respect.

Occasionally, we get it wrong though.