Countless historical treasures and cultural experiences are waiting for you. With over 510 million people in over 50 countries, the variety of scenery, culture, cuisine and history is epic. You can’t help but love it! 

Every country you visit will have you coming back for more.

Venture past the big draw cards of France, Spain and Italy if you can. Of course they’re stunning, mesmerising and picture perfect. Plus they have been visited numerous times by Only1invillage 😉 However, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia deserve your attention too!

Eastern and Western Europe are still different enough to enjoy the complexity of this continent. But with globalisation increasing, get here before it all looks and feels same same but different!



The ‘exotic East’ a favourite of backpackers and adventure seekers. If you love beautiful beaches, hot weather, exciting spicy food  then head on over. A totally different and varied culture to the west, there is so much to see and do throughout Asia.  It doesn’t all look  and feel same same! 

Don’t get caught out weather wise though! Not all of Asia is  on the equator with only a dry and wet season. You can go skiing in Japan and Korea, plus you’ll need your fleece and down jacket in other temperate  countries including parts of China and Hong Kong, Nepal and Mongolia. The sub continent of India, will also leave you high and dry, or wet and cold, depending where you go and in which month!


South Africa

A wondrous country of beautiful landscapes and limitless adventure. The southern most country in Africa has emerged from a troubled past to become a top travel destination globally, thanks to its natural beauty and the charm of its people.

Of course there are safaris and the Big Five, but South Africa is so much more. You’ll be dazzled by the scintillating scenery, drunk on the whopping variety of good wine and go ga ga on their up and coming gastronomy scene.

Did we mention one of the most spectacular drives in the world too?

Oh and mountain ranges so beautiful to take your breath away?