vietnam day TRIPS with amazing scenery

Stunning scenery along the way is just one aspect of the adventure. Come rain or shine, Vietnamese day trips are easily arranged from the many travel agents dotted around all major cities. Organising  Vietnam day trips is child’s play with plenty of choice. When booking a tour in Ho Chi Minh try to organise it via a travel agent in the backpacking area of District 2. Prices for similar tours can vary by two to three times the price depending where booked especially if booked via  a 5 star hotel compared to a travel agent in the backpacker areas.  Book your day trips with cash or credit card. Always get a receipt.

If you can leave the luxury of your great value hotel, day trips from major cities are a must!

The Mekong Delta day trips give you a taste of life for villagers along this massive body of water. Numerous tour operators will claim the very best experience and the least crowded. You will never be the only1invillage when you go on  Vietnam day trips! You’ll probably end up seeing the same people on the same tours in the same destinations. The bright blue boats (sampans) will have you floating down or upstream to snake farms, crocodile farms, honey farms, fish farms, in fact every kind of farm and you will wonder at the dexterity of the people’s feet using oars. There are also sweet tours and the Cu Chi Tunnels to explore (warning, you have to be of a small build to get into these tunnels).

Another highly recommended day and night trip is the Halong Bay and floating village of Cua Van. Again, you definitely won’t be on your own as you see every other tourist boat floating on the emerald green waters. If you’re really unlucky the nightlife will include a spot of loud karaoke. Thought karaoke had died a death? Not in Vietnam it hasn’t!



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