Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport

Updated Qantas Club Melbourne Domestic Business Class Lounge Review

Recently refurbished, one of the business class lounges at Melbourne Airport for domestic passengers gets a review from Only1invillage.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, travel has been a bit limited! We revisited the domestic lounge in July 2021 and are happy to report the food has improved.

Qantas Club domestic terminal Melbourne
The Qantas Club Melbourne for domestic business class passengers is in the Qantas Lounge precinct.

There are 2 lounges at the domestic terminal in Melbourne for business class passengers. Here we review the Qantas Club lounge. Don’t confuse it with the Qantas Domestic Business Lounge. Definitely not same same!

Before you are allowed in remember Qantas has a strict dress code. To ‘ensure  an enjoyable experience’ make sure you read this first. No beachwear! (Erm who wears that to fly anyway?) and no singlet tops for men. No UGG boots and no thongs! By thongs we mean flip flops. They’re not going to check your underwear! (See our Ultimate Aussie Slang Guide to help you understand more of the native lingo!) No sleepwear. Don’t show too much flesh or look like you’re heading off to the gym. Make sure your tops don’t have offensive slogans or images on them. (But an ‘I love Qantas’ T shirt is probably fine!)

Qantas Club Melbourne domestic business lounge at Melbourne Airport
Don’t get caught out or refused entry to the Qantas Club in Melbourne. Check this guide to make sure you’re suitably dressed.

Qantas call this particular domestic business lounge the Qantas Club. The domestic lounge got a much needed makeover. According to previous reviewers, the space for business travellers was like a dark, scary corridor! It was also cramped. 

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne AIrport
The Qantas Club lounge has had a makeover in Melbourne. Brighter and more spacious than the previous model.

We visit on a busy Friday evening. It is definitely being tested to the maximum. Seating is sparse, conversation is loud and most of the shower rooms are busy! It is very unlike the pictures Qantas show you on their website.

On our next visit, compare the difference!

covid 19 pandemic lounge travel Qantas Club Melbourne
Travel during pandemic times means a less busy Qantas Club Melbourne lounge.
pandemic time more seating available Qantas Club Melbourne
During a pandemic there is much more space everywhere on all types of seats!
Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Friday evening in the Qantas Club lounge in Melbourne is busy.

Here are the positives and negatives of the Qantas Club Domestic Business Class Lounge at Melbourne Airport. No wonder Qantas shorten it to The Qantas Club, it’s quite a mouthful to say, otherwise!

In July 2021, borders into and out of Australia are still closed. Therefore the only flights operating are domestic flights. It is understandably way less busy. There is much more space due to physical distancing requirements and the lack of travel in general.

much emptier lounge Qantas Club Melbourne July 2021
During the Covid 19 pandemic the Qantas Club Lounge was eerily empty.

POSITIVES Qantas Club Lounge Melbourne Airport

The lounge location is just after security. Turn right and go up the escalator. The other business class lounge is for when you turn left at the top of the escalators.

Qantas Club domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Turn right at the top of the escalators after security. The newly refurbished Qantas Club domestic business class lounge awaits.

The lounge is spacious and has a light airy feel. It is very long. The placement of the bar and barista coffee machine is nice and central. The luxury touches of marble and shiny stainless steel are new and inviting. The new wooden floors give the lounge a modern touch. It looks so much better than carpet. Carpet is so last century!

Qantas Club domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Sleek and shiny central food and beverage aisles in the spacious Qantas Club domestic business class lounge.









The wi-fi is fast and there’s no need to ask for a password. There are plenty of charging points. Look under or near your seat.

There are various types of seating. You can grab a bar stool while you chat to colleagues or sit on the more padded chairs and armchairs. If you need to work there is desk seating too.

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Various seating options range from hard stools to comfortable, padded chairs and ‘lounge’ style ‘sofas’.










Shower and toilet facilities

Showers are available in the toilet areas. There’s no reservation system, you just go and try your luck.

showers are available Qantas Club Melbourne
Showers come with a toilet so a mini bathroom in essence.

Towels are a bit on the thin side. The glass is frosted so you can see if someone is using it (apart from the engaged red sign in the lock).

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Can’t wait until you land to freshen up? Take a quick shower. Make sure you lock the door!
Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Don’t forget to return your towel after your shower!








communal toilets Qantas Club Melbourne
Communal toilets are clean.

The central bar looks and feels like any classy Melbourne City watering hole. It’s clean and the service is friendly and efficient. You can order beer on tap or get bottled beer. There’s no help yourself beer at the Qantas Club. You can help yourself to wine and sparkling wine. Spirits have to be requested too. Qantas clearly want to keep you in a decent upright state before your flight. 

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
The sleek modern bar is in a central location in the Qantas Club Melbourne.









covid safety signs are everywhere
Covid 19 safety signs are everywhere during pandemic times. The bar is still shiny and sleek.

The barista made coffee comes with latte art and tastes great. Melbourne lattes are good in the Qantas Club  business lounge!

Updated Qantas Club Melbourne Domestic Business Class Lounge Review 1
The coffee at the Qantas Club Melbourne domestic business lounge gets the thumbs up from coffee connoisseurs.
Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Get a fresh barista made coffee to have in the lounge. Take away a Vittoria coffee if you’re in a rush. Soy skinny available too. This is Melbourne after all. The great coffee capital.

NEGATIVES Qantas Club Lounge Melbourne Airport


The biggest disappointment is the food. Avoid it, if at all possible. You probably don’t want to eat there unless you’re really hungry or like food you used to cook when you were a student living away from home! Take a look at the uninspiring food menu.

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
The evening menu isn’t exactly gourmet dining at the Qantas Club Melbourne lounge for domestic departures.

You can make your own toasted sandwich. There are various fillings on offer. In our opinion it wasn’t very different to the AMEX lounge at Melbourne International Airport. The taste of the one hot dish was very bland. A microwave meal for one is tastier than the pasta dish on offer.

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
The hot food selection is nothing to write home about. Sorry Qantas, we are not impressed.

Sorry Qantas catering, you need to lift your game. The food definitely doesn’t match the pictures on their website. 

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Poor taste and presentation of one of the hot meals. The pasta is soft and the sauce tastes like the chef just added ready made sauce over it.

The good news is that by July 2021, the food had improved!

Food improvement Qantas Club Lounge Melbourne
Good news the food has improved!
you can eat the food now Qantas Club Melbourne
July 2021 you can eat the food now it has improved!

There was no more self service, as the Covid 19 pandemic meant social distancing, improved hygiene measures and maybe the chefs had more time to prepare better tasting food.

no more self service during a pandemic Melbourne Qantas Club Lounge
No more self service at the Qantas Club Melbourne!

The wine selection is also mediocre. Qantas has not pulled out the stops when it comes to the grog! Maybe they’re thinking, no one will notice. 

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
The wine selection is mid range. The bottles here range from $15 to $20 AUD.

Busy busy busy.

The lounge is heaving at the end of a working week. Friday evening at the Qantas Club domestic lounge is like Friday evening in the city. There’s people everywhere, drinking and socialising. It’s noisy and you can hear everyone’s conversations.

Qantas domestic business lounge Melbourne Airport
Feels like Friday drinks in the city! Hustle and bustle your way through the Qantas Club Domestic Lounge before your flight.









Who can get into the Qantas Club?

A lot of people!

Business class ticket holders flying on a Qantas or Jetstar flight. But you wouldn’t come here, you would go next door.

Qantas Gold or Emirates Platinum Gold.

China Eastern Miles Gold.

Sapphire and Emerald business or first class travellers travelling on a Qantas flight. Again though, you won’t be happy here.

Buy Qantas Club Membership ($399 once off joining fee and $540 per annum). Not worth it in our


Buy a day pass for $49 if you’re a Qantas Silver member. Must buy in advance. No at the door purchases.

Final Thoughts

The Qantas Club lounge is the poor cousin of the Qantas domestic business class lounge. There’s no Asian Spice Bar, it’s not peaceful and the food is a taste disaster! On the positive side it is much lighter and has a brighter feel than its predecessor. If you have the choice, head next door!

The above comments were made pre Covid 19 pandemic times! The food has now improved. With less travellers it felt more luxurious and less rushed. 

When you leave this will be your seat on the plane if you’re flying business class domestically in Australia. 

domestic business class seat
Leather seats await if you’re flying domestic business class on Qantas flights.

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