Qatar Qsuite A350 Business Class

 Qatar Qsuite A350- 1000 business class review


This is our most anticipated  flight review yet! The business class Qsuites have really been a game changer for Qatar Airways. The first of its kind to offer first class like suites with extreme privacy. The two middle seats can be joined to make a double bed! Is that encouraging the mile high club????!!!! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review the bed in the sky business class
Good night or as the pillow says, it’s a good day, whichever way you look at it. The Qsuite bed in the sky is Qatar’s biggest selling point for business class passengers. The blanket is one of the softest and most luxurious we have experienced yet.

Read our review of the 7 hour flight from Doha to Singapore. It’s an early morning start. Well, early for us, 8.30 am. We get on after a quick visit to the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha

Quick Index of Qatar A350 Business Class Qsuite


Find out which planes in the Qatar Fleet have the Qsuite

Not all Qatar business class planes are made equally! You are not guaranteed a Qsuite unless you are on the A350-1000. Some of the Boeing 777-200LRs will have Qsuite. Similarly, select Boeing 777-300ERs and Airbus A350-900s might have Qsuite. We did our research very carefully!


The Qatar A350 business class cabin

After a sumptuous feast in the Qatar Al Mourjan business class lounge in Doha we reluctantly board the plane. Just joking, any time we board a business class flight, we are pretty excited!

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to SIngapore review cabin configuration
The Qsuite cabin in all its glory on the A350-1000 from Doha to Singapore. There’s a total of 46 seats. Some seats face forwards and some seats face backwards to the nose of the plane.

The configuration of the seats is a glorious 1-2-1. Off to a good start. This is one time where a window seat is great, when travelling alone. From the picture above, you can see that some seats face forwards and some face backwards.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to SIngapore review cabin configuration window seat
The one time a window seat is a good choice is in business class! You get the view and the leg room! Note how C’s passport matches the Qatar colours!

The seats in the centre section that are closer together can make a double bed after take off! That’s what all the fuss is about. A first class experience at a business class price is the selling factor here.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to SIngapore review cabin configuration the qsuite bed
Qatar’s Qsuite bed is made up for you after take off. A true bed in the sky!

Qatar were the first to introduce sliding doors, like in First Class on some airlines. However, these doors are purely visual. They don’t stop the sound of a crying infant from reaching your ears! Whether crying infants should even be allowed in business class is a whole other blog post!

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to SIngapore review cabin features sliding door for privacy
The Qsuite sliding door guarantees privacy from your fellow travellers. However, it doesn’t protect you from snoring passengers or crying infants!

Not only can some Qsuite seats convert to a double bed, but people travelling and actually ‘doing business’ can make a mini conference room of 2 opposite seats facing each other to form a group of 4. Qatar call this the quad set up. Movable panels can be opened up to form a social or business area. How cool is that?! On this particular flight, there were no people ‘doing business’. In fact, the flight was pretty empty, about 14 people in total. Therefore, we don’t have a picture of 4 people opening up the Qsuite dividers to make a conference room. Click here on the Qatar Airways website to see what the ‘conference room’ in the sky looks like.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review conference room on board
The four seats to the right of C, convert to a mini conference room in the sky. Due to the emptiness of the flight, this cannot be shown. But, go to Qatar’s website if you’re really curious to see how it looks. The pink mood lighting isn’t great for taking pictures though!


The seat and its surrounds on the Qatar A350 business class cabin

Most seats are less than 2 years old. Qatar launched their first Qsuite in June 2017. If you’re on a plane that just got configured with Qsuite, then it could even be new! There’s a total of 46 seats.

When sitting up right for take off, there is a huge amount of legroom. Well that’s what business class is all about!

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review leg room on the foot stool business class
Ready for take off! There’s a huge amount of leg room in the up right position on board the Boeing A350-1000 configured with the Qsuite.

There is ample storage in the overhead lockers/bins and each one is labelled with your closest seat number. Additional storage can be found in the padded ‘armrest’ which contains the noise cancelling headphones and a bottle of water.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review padded arm rest containing head phones and water business class
The padded arm rest can be lowered for extra room when the seat converts into a bed. Pretty clever piece of engineering!
Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review inside the arm rest extra storage business class
Inside the arm rest there is additional storage space. You can easily slip your lap top in for take off and landing. Your noise cancelling headphones are located in here with a bottle of water.
Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review mattress on bed business class
When you’re ready for your snooze, the crew will put the mattress down on your lie flat bed in the sky. Sweet dreams. We personally found the converted beds very comfortable.


In flight entertainment

Every passenger in business class gets 60 minutes of complimentary wi-fi internet on board. 

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review complimentary 60 mins wi-fi internet on boardbusiness class
Get your social media fix on board the Qsuite for a whole hour!

When you have finished ‘Whats apping’ and uploading Instagram stories to make your friends jealous, there’s plenty to watch and listen to. The screen is huge and has very good resolution. The latest Hollywood, Bollywood and world cinema films are available. In addition, you have TV series, documentaries and more music than you can ever get through. 

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review screen size business class
The screen is 21.5 inches wide. Touchscreen or handset operated. Choose from thousands of entertainment options.


The electronics around the seat

You can charge your laptop, connect to HDMI and USB ports from your seat. Everything is within easy reach and nothing is hidden or in a hard to reach corner.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review international charger and usb business class
The international charger and USB port are within easy reach of the Qsuite seat. They are at eye level and easy to find.
Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review international charger and headphone jack business class
The headphone jack and your complimentary 60 minutes wi-fi internet are all easy to access from your Qsuite seat.

To control the seat itself there are a variety of self explanatory buttons.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review seat control icons business class
The elegant seat controls will convert your seat into a variety of positions at the touch of a button.

The ‘DND’ button is an acronym for ‘do not disturb’. So much better than sticking a sticker onto your seat in economy class. The Qsuite seat also comes with a massage function which is very effective.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review reading light business class
Need to catch up on some reading? Switch on the reading light for a warm glow.


The amenity kits on the Qatar A350 business class

Like the amenity kits from London to Doha, the kits are filled with Castello Monte Vibiano toiletries inside a  Bric’s bag. Bric’s is an Italian luxury travel bags and fashion accessories company. It boasts that all merchandise is made in Italy. On top of that it remains a family company. 

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review ladies' toiletries bag and contents business class
The female toiletries bag is a bright yellow with matching flight socks, ear plugs and eye mask! Stop the lips drying out with a Monte VIbiano lip balm. Keep skin hydrated with a moisturising facial mist and an anti-aging moisturiser.

The bags are definitely classy and ones for keeping for future travels.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review men's toiletries contents business class
For gentlemen, the toiletries are exactly the same as the ladies’ bags. The bag is blue and comes with blue flight socks and matching eye mask (not shown, they’re in the bag). Inside the plastic container are ear plugs.

The Monte Vibiano toiletries are hypoallergenic, paraben free, nickel tested and cruelty free.


The food and beverages

It’s breakfast time on the Doha to Singapore flight. The mains to choose from are Arabic, Western or Asian. Having had the Arabic meze in the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha, we opt for the Asian prawn congee.

What we really like about the Qatar food service is the cute little touches like the mini salt and pepper grinders and the table light.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review breakfast Asian prawn congee business class
The prawn congee with shitake mushrooms, spring onion, ginger and soya sauce. Tasty and authentic.

It’s a short flight from Doha to Singapore, about 7 hours. After catching a few hours of shut-eye it’s feeding time again. There is a choice of light bites ranging from a mixed garden salad, Thai red curry with seafood, spring onion panini with beef fillet or fresh finger sandwiches and scones. If none of that takes your fancy, there’s a snack platter, where you get snack size portions of world cuisines.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review snack platter before landing business class
Sample the world on a platter. From top left: gooseberry crumble with redcurrant confit, sweet and sour chicken kebab, Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Bottom row: mushroom poppers, smoked salmon, seafood tikki. Served with a choice of harissa aioli, pesto mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. Yummy!


The service of the Qatar staff

Throughout the flight, the crew introduced themselves and asked for feedback on their service. The Qatar staff react with lightning speed to the call button. They are eager to promote the Qsuite and explained the cabin features in detail. The crew offered to take numerous photographs and open up the quad set up. We found the Qatar crew to be very friendly without being over bearing. Top marks!


The Qatar A350 business class toilets

Will they be as special as the cabin? Are they big enough to swing a cat in (like in the BA A380 business class)? Is the toilet tissue 3 ply? These burning and very important questions will now be answered!

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review toilet on board business class
It’s an economy class size toilet on board the A350-1000 Qsuite cabin. Amenities available are not as generous as an Emirates A380.

The tissue paper isn’t 3 ply, it’s the same old rough stuff you get in economy. There is a box of disposable razors, toothbrushes and combs in case you come on board unshaven and with bad breath.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review soap and lotion business class
The hand wash and lotion are the same brand, Rituals, as in the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha.


The Qatar A350 business class bar

Unfortunately only the Qatar A380 business class product has the bar. You have to ask yourself, what’s more important the bar or the seats? You can get the bar effect by ordering as many cocktails on demand and glasses of champagne as you can manage!


Summary of the Qatar A350 -1000 business class cabin 

Firstly, we love the layout of the Qsuite cabin. The flexibility of transforming spaces into work and leisure zones for people travelling together is fabulous. Solo travellers are not neglected either, with the best window seat view and privacy screen.

Secondly, the seat comfort in all modes is good. Some people may experience issues with the table when eating. If you’re very tall, your knees may bang against the underside of the table as you cross and uncross your legs.

Thirdly, the Qsuite is modern, clean  and has great electronic features. The mood lighting enhances rest, even though it isn’t ideal for taking photographs.


Qatar Qsuites A350 vs Emirates A380 Business Class

How does the Qsuite experience compare to our current favourite business class product, the Emirates A380?

Well, let’s do the scoring!

The first let down for Qatar is the lack of chauffeur service. Getting a complimentary ride to and from the airport is a big plus in our eyes.

Secondly, sorry Qatar, your flagship AL Mourjan lounge in Doha, misses a few points. In terms of food presentation and choice, shower facilities and of course, who can compete with the Moet and Chandon Lounge Emirates has in Dubai?

A plus for Qatar Airways is the larger screen. Size does matter! The Qatar screen (21.5 inches) is 3 inches wider than the Emirates screen (18.5 inches).

The second plus for Qatar Qsuite is the sliding door, which none of the Emirates fleet in business class have.Optimum privacy is guaranteed on the A350-1000 fitted with Qsuite seats.

Emirates win back a point with the food and beverages. The quality and taste of the Emirates dining experience is superior to Qatar’s, notably the choice of premium alcohol, served on board. 

Just for the flight experience, the A350-1000 Qsuite is the better product. However, overall, in our opinion, if you include the lounge and the limo service (pre and post flight experience) we will still pick Emirates A380.

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