funky seats Al Mourjan business lounge DOha

Qatar Al Mourjan  Business Lounge

Do not confuse this lounge with the boringly named Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge in Doha. You seriously don’t want to go to that one, when you hold a business class ticket. Make sure you head to the Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge. After reading other reviews we are seriously excited to see the ultra modern lounge with a la carte dining options. We visit at breakfast time and have a 2 hour gap before our next flight to Singapore on the Qsuite configured plane. 

After experiencing the awful and we mean, truly bad London Gatwick North Club Aspire Lounge, that Qatar uses for its business class passengers, we are mega eager to review Qatar’s flagship lounge in Doha.

Put your sunglasses on and prepare for some major bling! This is one shiny lounge with great lighting!


Qatar Airways AL Mourjan business lounge Doha seating area ground floor
Up these shiny stairs is a central main seating area in the Al Mourjan business lounge in Doha.

Quick Index Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge


 the Qatar Al Mourjan business Lounge Location

Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha entrance sign
Come on in to the business class lounge in Doha.

After passport control in Terminal 2 you go through the duty free shops. Keep following the signs.

The lounge is located up an escalator or you can gain access from a lift/ elevator. 


escalator to Al Mourjan business lounge Doha
Go up the escalator after the Duty Free shops to get to the Al Mourjan business lounge, Doha.
Al MOurjan business lounge Doha access by lift
You can get to the Doha Al Mourjan business lounge via a lift/ elevator.




Qatar business class dress code

There is no dress code. Ladies, please respect  the fact that this is a Muslim state and dress appropriately.

Doha Al Mourjan business lounge
Follow us up the stairs for pictures of the buffet area!


Who can Get In

Anyone holding a Qatar Airways business class ticket or higher. Clearly, if you are travelling first class, you won’t lower yourself to mix with the plebs in business class. You will be using the Al Safwa first class lounge!

Al Mourjan lounge Doha
If you’re holding a business class ticket, make sure you head to the Al Mourjan business lounge.

If you hold a Oneworld business class ticket, you can also come in. You cannot bring a guest, unfortunately, so leave the mother in law in the main terminal!

Economy class passengers of Qatar Airways can purchase entry for 450 Qatari Riyals which is about US$120. You probably only want to consider this option, if you have at least three hours to kill.


Seating in the qatar al mourjan business lounge

The Al Mourjan Lounge is enormous!

Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha
It’s a big lounge in Doha. The Qatar Airways AL Mourjan business lounge is set over two floors.

We had our work cut out navigating all the different areas and taking photos. It is a short stop over between London and Singapore, so try to book a flight with a longer layover than 2 hours to take advantage of all the Qatar Al Mourjan business class lounge has to offer.


Seating zones Al Mourjan Lounge Doha
Comfortable and padded armchair style seats, separated by a partition for privacy.
Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha seating options
Bright and funky chairs in the centre ‘aisle’ seating area on the ground floor of the lounge.
Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha family area seating
There are quiet ‘family areas’ that you can go to for relaxation. Recreate the feel of your living room, minus the TV!
Al Mourjan business lounge dining tables
Eat to your heart’s content in the buffet area. These restaurant cafe style tables are located in the buffet area on the upper floor of the lounge, near the food.
Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha luxurious seating to eat at
These luxurious seats can be found on the upper floor, near the buffet area.

The a la carte area has bench style and table and chair style seating. There is also booth style seating. The a la carte area is on the lower floor, furthest away from the entrance of the lounge.

a la carte dining area Al Mourjan Lounge Doha
The a la carte dining area at breakfast time. You can seat yourself on high chairs, more intimate tables or booth seats.
Al Mourjan lounge Doha seating
Tables for two in the a la carte dining area on the lower floor.

Now if you don’t want to sit, there are also lots of snooze areas. Some of the snooze areas are more communal and some of them are for single snoozers.

Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha snoozing beds
Don’t fancy sitting? Lie down instead on these long reclining beds. Blankets are not provided. These beds are in the communal area. There are more private areas with the same beds.
Spacious Al Mourjan business lounge Doha
There are sleeping booths which offer more privacy if you need to lie down in the AL Mourjan business lounge between flights.


Wifi and business facilities

There is a full on office area with separate cubicles and huge glass tables to work on in the business centre. It even had its own concierge. This is pretty impressive if you’re actually using a business class lounge, to do business in! Some overworked person was clearly loving the facilities, because he had lots of business paraphernalia spread out all over the place.

Spacious Al Mourjan business lounge Doha business centre
A few poor people are actually working in the business centre!

On the wired computers the internet is very fast and you don’t need a password. 

Spacious Al Mourjan business lounge Doha
Individual booths for working at in the business centre have very fast wired internet connection. The same cannot be said for the wi-fi internet connection.

The wi-fi internet is however another story. Despite not needing a password and your phone showing you’re connected, we could not surf. We didn’t have time to complain or get the staff to help us out for the wi-fi connectivity.

In the business area, there are also seats and a small breakfast bar selection. You can find pastries, fruit, bread and soft drinks. It’s more cafe style in an enclosed room.

business centre cafe style buffet bench AL Mourjan business Lounge Doha
There are smaller cafe style breakfast options dotted around the Al Mourjan business lounge in Doha. Here you will find continental breakfast style options.


Bathrooms and Showers at the Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge

Time to get wet! Unfortunately the showers areas were very busy. There is a wait list. There are however two shower areas and the one further from the entrance is less busy and there was no wait time.

mini bathrooms Al Mourjan lounge Doha
The shower rooms are more like mini bathrooms. They have a toilet and vanity unit.

Similar to the lounges that Emirates, Qantas and British Airways operate, the showers are more like mini bathrooms in the Qatar Airways AL Mourjan business lounge in Doha.

Review of Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge 1
Each shower room has a toilet, shower and vanity unit with sink. If you can get into the shower rooms, they’re more like mini bathrooms.
mini bathrooms Al Mourjan lounge Doha
The toiletries provided in the shower rooms are by Rituals. Qatar Airways use the same brand throughout their aircraft fleet too.

Food and Beverages in the Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge

Feeling hungry? You better be. The Al Mourjan lounge has a global deli and patisserie. In addition, there is a continental and oriental brasserie. Naturally, a full bar is also present. All food served is halal, with many vegetarian options too.

The presentation of the food is stunning. Well in the promotional pictures. We find it to be pretty standard. There are any negative reviews of this lounge, for the space, but not the food. Unfortunately, we didn’t think the breakfast selection was fantastic. Also the a la carte options were only sandwiches and salads. Ok, this may be different later in the day. We visited at breakfast time, so there were no exotic dishes to try for a la carte. Next time, we’ll have to schedule our lounge visit for a lunch or dinner time stop over!

Al Mourjan lounge Doha a la carte options at breakfast time
The breakfast al la carte options were disappointing. There are salad and sandwiches made to order.

There is a lot of food available, but the selections were similar in all the buffet areas. 

But how does it all taste? Is it all beautiful on the outside but tasteless on the inside? 


The breakfast


The cold options are a Western style selection. On offer for breakfast is fruit salad, yoghurts, cereals and muesli. For the Middle Eastern selection there is hoummous, olives, labna and flat breads. 

middle eastern breakfast AL Mourjan business lounge
You have to try the signature mint and lemon drink with your breakfast. It goes so well with the cold, middle eastern selection of pickles, labna and hommous.
hot food selections Al MOurjan business lounge Doha
Indulge in some hot breakfast before your next flight in the Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge Doha.
cold meats buffet selection AL MOurjan business lounge Doha
There is a wide selection of cold meats on offer for breakfast in the buffet area.
Al Mourjan cold middle eastern selections buffet area
The middle eastern cold selections in the buffet area. Labna and hommous mini portions.

Now onto the hot food. There’s what we call a full English. There are baked beans! We thought that was a little un-classy. Baked beans do not present themselves well in any container.

hot English breakfast AL Mourjan business lounge
No way baked beans in Doha! They don’t look good in any container.

There’s also international food for the hot buffet, like pasta and spiced meat options.


The beverages

Any international business class lounge worthy of its class has to have a good selection of alcohol. Whilst Qatar doesn’t offer premium alcohol, like Emirates does, the variety is good.

A drinks bar Al Mourjan business lounge
The finishing on the bars certainly look impressive, but are the drinks as impressive?

You must order the Qatar airways signature drink. It is a refreshing lemon and mint mocktail, made fresh to order. It even ran out on the Qsuite flight from Doha to Singapore, it is so popular! Make sure you order one in the lounge, if like us, you’re a new fan!

Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge bars
Settle in for a pre flight drink at one of the Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge bars. The familiar brands of liquor are present. Pommeray champagne is available.The quality of the wines isn’t as good as in the Emirates lounges. The wines are about half the price of those you find in the Emirates lounges worldwide.


The soft drinks selection is pretty standard. Individual teas in sachets and coffee from a coffee machine. Disappointingly, even if you order a coffee from the bar, it’s not barista made, it comes from a pre-set menu machine.

Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha beverages
There are a few of these ‘bars’ to help yourself to soft drinks, randomly placed around the lounge.


Entertainment rooms 

If you have a long stop over, take advantage of the playrooms. Indulge your inner child with a game of table football/ soccer. Why not hop inside the racing car and test your driving skills? If that doesn’t take your fancy, how about some good old-fashioned Nintendo?

Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha only1invillage review playroom
Need to stretch and play after your flight? Get active in the playroom in the Al Mourjan lounge, Doha.
Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha only1invillage review playroom
There’s more than one entertainment room in the Al Mourjan lounge. See if you can find someone to play with!
Spacious Al Mourjan lounge Doha only1invillage review playroom 3
There are 3 play rooms in the Al Mourjan lounge, Doha in Qatar.

Final Thoughts on the Qatar Al Mourjan business lounge

Some people have slated the Qatar Al Mourjan lounge as super sterile and devoid of character. We think it is a solid 7 out of 10. It is gigantic. It is spread over two floors. It is very shiny and clean. In keeping with being modern, we guess that goes hand in hand with the word sterile. Yes, the chairs are replicated all over the place and the eating booths and spaces lack character. It’s one thousand times better than the Qatar lounge at  London Gatwick North (Club Aspire). Never, ever fly out of Gatwick, fly from London Heathrow. It’s a mistake we will never make again!

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  1. Nice summary. I also managed to visit this lounge at other times of the day. Just before midnight it was really packed, but after that it became deserted until 6 in the morning. Enjoyed every time I was there.

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