Grahams Dam walk Lerderberg State Park

Grahams Dam Walk Lerderderg State Park

An easy walk that everyone will love! There’s lots to see and explore along the river. Lerderderg Grahams Dam Walk is just 3kms long and can be completed in under an hour. A quickie, but a goodie! Remote enough to escape the city with a lovely river and rock escarpment. This walk is uplifting and good for the soul.

native forest and Lerderberg River
Native forest and the Lerderberg River. Even within close proximity to Victoria’s capital, Mlebourne, Lerderberg State Park still has that remote feel to it.

Set near Melbourne’s’ orchard growing area of Bacchus Marsh, Lerderderg State Park has something for every hiker. There’s easy strolls, challenging and 3 day walks. All this variety just 1 hour and 10 minutes away from Melbourne. If you’re coming from the satellite city of Geelong, Lerderberg State Park is just 5 minutes longer, at 1 hour and 15 minutes driving time.

Lerderberg State Park map location
Lerderberg Gorge is centrally located between Geelong and Melbourne in the Moorabool Shire, in Bacchus Marsh.

Check back later when we have completed the East Walk and Cowans Track Loop Walk, complete with European wasps and snakes! For now, we’ll stick to a child friendly walk.

walks information sign at Mackenzie Flat Picninc area
At Mackenzies Flat picninc area, this handy information board details your walk options. There are a surprising number of walks you can do in the Lerderberg State Park.


What is there to see and Do on the Grahams Dam Lerderderg Park walk?

Lerderberg State Park is an area of Permian era origins
Surround yourself with fresh air from the native forest on the Grahams Dam Walk in the Lerderberg State Park.

There is a river, which you will cross twice via some giant stepping stones. Hill top scenery overlooks the shimmering river and beautiful native forest, while traversing a sometimes rocky path.

shallow river bed Lerderberg River Lerderberg State Park
On a warm day, head down to the shallow river bed. It’s almost like a mini beach.
beautiful native forest Lerderberg state park
Lose yourself and inhale the fresh air in the beautiful native forest on the Grahams Dam Walk. Hug the paperbark and grey gum trees to your heart’s content. Go on, it’s good for you!

The rocks in the area for keen geologists are composed of tillite, unformed glacial sediments from the Permian era. That’s really old! In addition to the tillite is glacial outwash sandstone and conglomerate. In essence you’re walking on millions of years old land!

Permian era sandstone rock escarpment Lerderberg State park
Massive stone boulders. A reminder of the Permian era. Yep that rock is about 300 million years old!

The “bush” contains many plants native to Victoria. The yellow wattle is particularly beautiful. For a flora of Victoria guide, click here.

Where is the Grahams Dam walk?

Mackenzies Flat Picninc Area sign Lerderberg State Park
Start the easy Grahams Dam Walk from the Mackenzie Flat Picninc area.

The Grahams Dam walk is within the Lerderberg State Park. It is accessed by the flat picnic area called Mackenzie Flat Picnic area. You can’t miss the signs!

Grahams Dam Walk sign Lerderberg State Park
Start the easy walk to Grahams Dam here!

How long will the Grahams Dam walk take?

Under an hour’s return journey. Obviously, if you stop off for a swim and exploration at the shallow river bed, then longer. 

Top Tips for the Grahams Dam walk

When to go: To see the river flowing and cross over the man made stepping stones, Winter and Spring are the best times to go. Otherwise it will be dry in Summer and Autumn.

dry river bed in Summer and Autumn Lerderberg River Lerderberg State Park
If you go in Summer and Autumn, the river bed will be dry.

Car Parks: You park at Mackenzies Flat Picnic Area car park.

There are picnic benches here and a big lawn area too.

Mackenzies Flat picninc area Lerderberg State Park Victoria one hour from Melbourne
It’s flat. It’s a picnic area. It’s named after someone called Mackenzies. A nice spot for a picnic or barbecue. There is a free barbecue like in many Victorian state parks.

Dog friendly: The park is dog friendly, but, unfortunately, this particular walk prohibits your canine friend. Sorry.

Provisions: If you’re planning on a swim in warm weather then a towel will be handy. You don’t really need water as the walk is under an hour, so, you can leave liquids in the car.

Sun protection: Take the usual precautions for the season and your skin type. Check the UV index on your phone.

Shoes: Hiking shoes are not necessary. You will get sand in your shoes, so if you choose to wear sandals, plan in advance. There are parts that you need to go steeply downhill, so shoes with grip are recommended. However, you can get by with running shoes like we did. We don’t recommend flip flops or thongs.

Mobile phone reception is very good to excellent.

rocks, river forest at Lerderberg State Park Grahams Dam walk
What a great quick walk! Forest, river and ancient rocks equals awesome.

Remember to check back soon, when we have completed other walks in the Lerderberg State Park.

Don’t forget if you have done this walk, we would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment in the section below.

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