Mount Rosea Walk The Grampians

Official time 2 hours each way

Mount Rosea is 4.6 kms one way. It is medium to hard grade with a lot of rock scrambling and hard to see markers in places. The cardio workout of our dreams and totally worth it! In our opinion, this is the hardest walk of all in the Grampians area. You could do this walk first so every other walk in the Grampians seems easy! The official time is 2 hours each way. We did it in 5 hours and we consider ourselves fit.

Mount Rosea peak Only1invillage blog
Mount Rosea Peak viewing platform. Take in the 360 degree views of the Mount William and Serra ranges. This hike is hard!

Where are the Grampians?

The Grampians area is a national park area under 3 hours west from Melbourne. It is situated between Stawell and Horsham on the Western Highway and Dunkeld on the Glenelg Highway.

How to get to The Grampians and the Mount Rosea Walk

The best way to travel to The Grampians and the Mount Rosea Walk is by car. A mere 3 hour drive from Melbourne. We don’t recommend this walk for a day trip though! Maybe a long weekend, but definitely not doable in a day! Ok, if you’re really hard core, you can leave Melbourne at 6am, arrive at Mount Rosea by 9am. The walk will take about 4 to 6 hours return, depending on your fitness level. Back to Melbourne for evening dinner after the 3 hour drive!

Mount Rosea Walk the Grampians What to wear and take

Good walking shoes are recommended as there are a lot of tree roots to trip over and plenty of rocks to scramble over. Definitely not a place for sandals or thongs/ flip flops in the warmer months. Water is essential, even in Winter as dehydration can quickly creep up on you. Layering up is your best option as the weather can quickly change even on a warm day. The base might be warm and still, but, by the time you get to the top you can be sure it’s going to be windy and a few degrees cooler.

This walk is challengingly beautiful. Make sure you tell your accommodation or someone you’re doing this. People have had to be rescued on this walk.

Mount Rosea sign 4.6kms from the car park Only1invillage
The Mount Rosea walk starts at the Mount Rosea car park. This is the most challenging walk you’ll do in the northern Grampians region. Are you ready for it?

Don’t be fooled by the gently sloping first 1.6kms through lush forest and ferns.

lush fern and forest start of Mount Rosea walk Only1invillage blog
The Mount Rosea walks starts through lush fern and forest on flat ground. Don’t be fooled. It’s going to get a hell of a lot harder!
Mount Rosea walk needle grass Only1invillage
Needle grass is a pain in the arse! The greenery at the start of the Mount Rosea walk in the beautiful forest.

This took us 5 hours return and there is plenty of rock scrambling. It was by far the most challenging walk. We wish we had done this walk first, so all the other walks, would have seemed much easier.

After the beautiful messmate forest, you’re on a gradual ascent.  40 minutes later the terrain changes to sand! By now you have covered 1.3kms.

Mount Rosea sign after 1.3kms of walking from the car park Only1invillage blog
40 minutes after leaving the car park you will be here. Look down at your feet!
Mount Rosea walk suddenly there's sand only1invillage blog
At the 1.3kms section the terrain changes to sand for a bit! We’re heading to a beach?!!

Well that doesn’t seem so bad. A good start. and the sun is shining. We still haven’t seen anyone else. There’s about 20 minutes of this type of terrain (see below) and then things start to change. Even though it’s fairly flat you still have to look out for these yellow markers. They will be invaluable as all rocks start to look the same!

Mount Rosea yellow markers only1invillage
The terrain now has lots of big flat rocks and tree roots to trip you up. Keep an eye out for the yellow triangles, because pretty soon, things are going to get tough!

20 minutes later the going gets tough, but still smiling.

keep going Mount Rosea Walk Only1invillage
You’re starting to get a sense of how high you’re going when you get to this point. Mount Rosea walk. The familiar Serra and Mount William ranges are in the background.
walking amongst clouds Mount Rosea walk Only1invillage
The stunning natural beauty of walking in the clouds. Mount Rosea walk about an hour in.

Now the real rock scrambling begins and some of the rocks are like climbing apparatus in the gym! If ever you think hiking isn’t a good workout, come and do this walk. Our hearts are racing, our legs are aching and now we have to use our hands too!

Mount Rosea rock scrambling cardio workout Only1invillage
Now the fun begins! Rock scrambling at its best! This is a serious cardio workout the Mount Rosea walk.
Mount Rosea horse riding Only1invillage blog
Time for some horse riding! You know when you start to feel giddy and things look strange. C thinks she has found a horse to get to the peak! Yee hah! Mount Rosea walk, the Grampians.

At the 1 hour and 40 minutes minute mark we decide to stop for lunch. The lunch stop is a great time to marvel at the absolutely jaw dropping scenery enveloping us.

Lunch stop 1 hour and 50 minutes in to the Mount Rosea walk Only1invillage
Time to sit and stop the trembling legs! The majestic mountain scenery 1 hour and 50 minutes into the Mount Rosea walk.
Lunch pit stop on the Mount Rosea walk Grampians Only1invillage
Lunch view on the way to Mount Rosea peak. Could the view get any better?

As you rest, it’s good to look out for natural markers. As you’re ascending it’s easy to think you’ll remember your route on the way down, but, those rocks, will all start blending in to each other! Take the time to photograph some natural markers and look at the time stamp.

Bright rock vegetation at our pit stop for lunch on the ascent to Mount Rosea.. Grampian walks only1invillage.
It’s a good idea to look for natural markers on the way up and down from Mount Rosea. It easily all starts looking the same, so, a burst of colour is a welcome sight. Take a photo and make a note of the time.
sandstone relief Grampians Mount Rosea walk Only1invillage
It’s not all granite in the Grampians. You’ll be clambering over amazing sandstone boulders (not rocks) on the Mount Rosea walk.

Rested and rejuvenated, we hear some people coming up behind us! Hurrah, we are not alone! We like to look at their faces and see if they are panting and sweating too. Come on, you know you do that too, when you pass fellow hikers!

Mount Rosea challenging walk Grampians Only1invillage blog
You’re kidding! You have to squeeze through that small hole? Yep! Mind your head.

At the 2 hour point we almost give up. It’s been really hard and the rock scrambling is some of the toughest for a continuous 45 minute period.

Huge boulders to get over on the MOunt rosea walk Grampians only1invillage
The size of the boulders you have to get over on the Mount Rosea walk. It’s going to be worth the sweeping views at the top.
Lake Bellfield view on the Mount Rosea walk
This looks like a peak! Mount Rosea walk a lakeview (Bellfield) from high up. You’re not there yet, still another half hour to go!

We feel the oxygen deprivation and not seeing many people come down is not very uplifting. Finally we see 2 other hikers who tell us we’re nearly there about half an hour and the view is worth it. It had better be!

MOunt Rosea walk 2 hours in Grampians blog only1invillage
J surveys the landscape after being told we’re half an hour away. By this point we have been walking 2 hours and the weather is getting colder and windier. That’s Mount Rosea in the distance to the right. Ok, so down we go!
half an hour to go to the Mount Rosea Peak only1invillage
We see two other hikers returning from the peak. They tell us it is only another half hour from here. The path isn’t obvious. Keep looking out for the yellow triangular markers.
Mount Rosea chimney rocks that's our nameonly1invillage
This part looks like a dead end. You go through the “chimney” rocks as we name them.
Rock window view half 25 minutes to go to Mount Rosea peak Only1invillage
There’s a handy rock shelter with a beautiful window view, if it starts to rain!

We remember our accommodation manager telling us to look out for the bridge and don’t look down, if you’re scared of heights. Well it’s a bit late now! We are glad to see the bridge because it means we’re on the right path.

The valley bridge on the Mount Rosea walk 20 mins to destination Only1invillage
The valley bridge means you’re 20 minutes away from the Mount Rosea peak. If you don’t like heights, don’t look down, just run across. At least it isn’t a suspension bridge!

J is brave and stops to take some scenery shots on the bridge.

View from the valley bridge on the Mount Rosea walk Only1invillage
The view form the bridge, which plunges over 900 metres below you. Around 20 minutes to destination Mount Rosea peak!
squeezing through boulders Mount Rosea walk Only1invillage
Seriously we have to squeeze through here? This is a good physical marker to remember.
Trees on Mount Rosea walk nearly at the peak. Only1invillage
Well if the trees can survive up here, so can we!

Apparently we’re so close……

elephant skin rocks mean you're close to the Mount Rosea peak Only1invillage
This is the 2 hour 20 minutes point. The rocks look like an elephant’s skin. We saw 2 more people coming down! We’re close to the Mount Rosea peak!

Apparently we’re really close!

100 metres to go to the peak of Mount Rosea Only1invillage
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Is there a sign? Please tell us we’re close to the Mount Rosea peak!

It’s been an epic 2 and a half hours but we make it! We’re 1009 metres up and above the cloud line!

Like we said earlier, we wish we had done this walk first because it’s hard and it is the 6th day of non- stop hiking for us. It’s really windy at the top. For video footage of the views at the summit, go to our Instagram page.

Mount Rosea viewing platform Only1invillage
On the Mount Rosea viewing platform. This is the amazing view 1009 metres high from the bottom.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! Are we tired? Hell yeah! Doing another hike tomorrow? Hell yeah!  All we have to do now is find our way back down before it gets dark! See you at the bottom. Stay safe and remember to tell someone when you will be back Safety Tips | Visit Grampians

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