Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge

Here is our review of this shiny and modern lounge. Bangkok Miracle first class lounge is one you can pay for. Contrary to its name, it is not for first class passengers. Will water get turned into wine? How miraculous is the lounge? Read on to find out!

This lounge is part of the Collinson Group. The Collinson Group introduced the Priority Pass Program which basically allows anyone on any airline, regardless of travelling class, to use their network of lounges. The maximum time you can spend in here is 2 hours. Compare what you get in a fee paying lounge to other business class lounges directly affiliated with airlines such as Emirates, British Airways and Qantas.

Before entering, we expect it to be a bit like the American Express lounges in size and facilities offered. It is way fancier than an American Express lounge. Keep reading to find out why!

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge entrance only1invillage
As you enter the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge, you see this on the right hand side. It gives the lounge a light and spacious feeling.

Quick Index Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge


 the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge Location

After passport control you go up to Level 3. The Bangkok Miracle first class lounge is located opposite gate D6. It is well signed, so you will be able to find it easily.

Our next flight is to Dubai via Emirates in economy class. Yes, we fly economy too! We don’t get to go to the Emirates  business class lounge in Bangkok, unfortunately. 


Bangkok Miracle First Class lounge dress code

There doesn’t seem to be any particular dress code enforced. However, be careful to cultural sensitivities in many countries.  


Who can Get In

Anyone who has joined the Priority Pass Program and their guests! You can book a slot online or just go from lounge to lounge to see which one has space during busy periods.




The lounge is a good size. There is a variety of comfortable padded armchairs for lounging in and harder chairs at dining tables. They come in a variety of colours, textures and comfort levels.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge quieter seating area only1invillage
This is the quieter seating area because it’s further away from the food!
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge seating
Light and well padded armchairs are arranged neatly on the right hand side of the lounge, as you enter.

The armchair style chairs have a small coffee table in front of them. You can bring your finger food and drinks to these areas.  As usual, the tables are way too small to fit much onto them. However, most people aren’t travelling in large groups and you can always put two tables together, if the need arises.

When you walk past the seating area, in the picture above, you come to the dining area. There is a long dining bench to eat. If you prefer looking at your dining companion, there are smaller square tables with 4 chairs around each table.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge dining area only1invillage
The shiny and clean dining area has more formal tables and a long dining bench.
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge dining bench only1invillage
You can sit at the dining bench on the comfortable bar stool chairs with a back. There’s also a view of the gates and sometimes a plane.

If you turn left, when you come in there is another area of various seating available arranged in mini zones.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge single seating
If you’re travelling alone, take a seat here!
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge high back armchairs
There are some high backed armchairs near the ‘library’ area immediately to your right, as you enter the lounge.

There’s a business area with a long communal desk with charging points. It’s at the back of the lounge.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge internet zone only1invillage
There’s a dedicated internet zone in the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge.


Bathrooms and Showers

It’s shower time! There are two showers in the Bangkok Miracle lounge.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge toilet signs
Follow the signs!
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge shower time only1invillage
There is one shower for ladies and one shower for men.

They are quite new, so still shiny and clean. The soap is of an unidentified brand. If you’re fussy or have sensitive skin, we recommend you bring your own.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge shower room bathroom only1invillage
The shower room also has a toilet and sink, so is more like a mini bathroom. It gets cleaned and towels replaced after each use.
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge shower and soap
There’s no brand name for the shampoo and body wash, but it does the job!
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge toiletries only1invillage
A close up shot of the toiletries. The Miracle is a hotel chain in Bangkok. Extra amenities are a toothbrush kit, conditioner, body lotion and a shower cap.


Food and Beverages

Most business class lounges change their food according to the time of the day. We visit at 4pm so in between lunch and dinner time. There’s a reasonable variety of hot and cold choices, including some unique Thai food. However, there are breakfast items available. This is probably because the lounge wants to provide a 24 hour menu.

The food is rather reminiscent of an American Express Lounge. It is not quite up to the standard of an airline lounge like Emirates, Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific. The food selections however, are better than an American Express lounge. Plus, there is the added benefit of made to order dishes.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge fresh made to order
Looking like a restaurant kitchen, personnel are ready to make you one of four dishes on demand. The kitchen is shared withe the Bangkok Miracle Business Class Lounge, which, is on the other side of the glass. We think this feature makes the lounge look quite glamorous.

There’s no made barista made coffee, instead it’s a machine which whips up your latte or capuccino. Tea consists of a heated water jug and various caffeinated and herbal tea bags for you to choose from. If you need milk, there is milk in the fridge.

You do however get to order a selection of dishes, made freshly upon request. They are quite small, but, if you’re hungry, you can order more than one!


The Food

The best part of the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge is the made to order little dishes. We say little, because they really are small! You can order two at a time and they come out of the kitchen with lightning rapidity!

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge fresh made to order
Order 2 at a time of these small dishes. There is soup in the prawn won ton bowl when served. The food in the display bowls is real, not plastic like in Japan.

We really want to try everything but feel bloated so we only get the won ton soup to share.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge fresh made to order
You get 2 shrimp won tons with soup. It’s not much, but very tasty and you can order 2 meals at a time.

There is a selection of hot food in the silver serving dishes with lids.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge only1invillage
The hot meals are displayed alongside the cold salad selection.

There are 5 hot dishes on offer. The most colourful dish is below. The range and taste of food is good. There are  western and eastern options.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge stir fried vegetables only1invillage
The stir fried vegetables dish on offer in the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge is tasty and not too greasy.

Throughout the lounge there are sweet and savoury treats. There are some wrapped foods, presumably so you can take them away.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge wrapped sandwiches for take away only1invillage
There are some wrapped sandwiches, presumably for take away. Maybe they’re just wrapped to keep them fresh? Anyway, they are available on both sides of the lounge, not just the dining area side.
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge pancakes and toast
If you’re on breakfast time you can get some pancakes and toast. Or, if you just fancy pancakes and toast, you can have them anytime of the day.

There are two sides to the lounge and the food on both sides is the same. You can only get the freshly made dishes however, on the dining room side.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge snacks only1invillage
The snacks on both sides of the lounge are the same. There are some chips/crisps, biscuits, danish pastries and small cakes on offer.


The beverages

The fridges contain the usual soft drinks, like, Coca Cola and Sprite, water and beer.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge fridge
The tall fridges contain soft drinks, beer and one red wine and one white wine. Next to the fridge is one area of spirits, where you can mix your own alcoholic drinks.

There is one red and one white wine offering. The hard liquor consists of familiar worldwide brands you can buy in the supermarket. It’s make your own and help yourself time!

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge alcohol bar only1invillage
There are 2 help yourself bars in the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge. The alcohol selection of spirits is the same in each section.

The hot drinks selection is tea and coffee.

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge coffee machine only1invillage
There’s no human to make your coffee. Press the buttons to get your caffeine fix from the coffee machine.
Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge tea only1invillage
Make yourself a refreshing cup of tea from the Dilmah or Lipton selection. There is milk in the fridge and in the silver jug.

There is no bubble tea, which is a current craze in soft drinks. Basically it’s milky sweet tea with tapioca pearls in it. Know any lounge that serves this kind of tea? If you do, let us know. Maybe in Taiwan, where it originates from?

Wi-fi and Charging Points

If you get a wall seat, there are sockets in the wall by the armchairs. If you don’t, don’t panic! Look down at your feet and you will find charging points in the floor. The wi-fi did not seem to work in the lounge and we were too busy eating and taking photos to ask someone!

Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge sockets in the floor only1invillage
There are sockets in the floor to charge your devices. However, as you can see, you’ll need to bring an adapter, as there are no USB outlets.

About the Collinson Group and Priority Pass

The Collinson Group is behind the huge network of airport lounges across the globe, that you can pay for. They have approximately 1300 lounges worldwide. They claim that their lounges ‘transform the airport experience from an endurance test to a moment of indulgence’. We can certainly agree with the sentiment of endurance when you fly economy class. 

The idea of getting away from the noise and crowds of airport terminals for the masses is great. Whichever airline you fly with, you can gain access into one of these lounges by paying for each visit or if your membership allows, gratis.

Priority Pass membership rates

Here’s how much it will cost you to get into a Priority Pass Lounge.

There are three membership tiers: standard, standard plus and prestige.

Each tier gets more expensive as you would expect. Everything is priced in US dollars and converted back to your local currency when you join. 

Standard yearly membership is $99 USD. Each time you want to use a Priority Pass Lounge you pay USD $32 and so does your guest.

Standard Plus yearly membership is $299 USD. You get ten free visits per year and thereafter $32 USD and so does your guest. Note, your guest doesn’t get 10 free visits!

Prestige annual membership is $429 USD. Every time you visit a Priority Pass Lounge, it’s free for you! Your guest pays, you’ve guessed it $32 USD to join you.

About Suvarnabhumi International  Airport

Suvarnbumphi is a huge airport in Bangkok, the Thai capital. The airport itself is quite new. It was completed in 2006. Suvarnabhumi airport is all glass and metal, a shiny modern mega building. Previous to this, Don Meuang Airport was the international hub for flights into and out of the City of Angels. Yes, to Thai people ‘Krungthep’ is the city of angels. Only foreigners call Bangkok, by the name, well, Bangkok.

Flights still land and take off from Don Meuang. Notably the low cost carrier Air Asia still uses Don Meunag International. The ‘new’ Suvarnabhumi Airport has a direct sky train link to Phaya Thai station which is on the co- constructed German – Thai built sky rail (BTS – Bangkok Transit System). You can also get a free transit bus between Don Meuang and Suvarnbumphi.


Final Thoughts

Here’s a summary of what you get and what you don’t in the Bangkok Miracle First Class Lounge.

You are on limited time. You can stay for a maximum of 2 hours only. However, we stayed longer and no one asked us to leave!

It’s quite a large and spacious lounge with some seats overlooking the main terminal. This means you can hear all the noise of the people at the gates nearby. But, that also means, there is an occasional plane to look at.

You get some natural light and free wi-fi.

There’s a shower if you need to freshen up.

What you don’t get is gourmet food. Don’t expect the food to be up to the standard of a ‘real’ business class lounge.  However, the food is quite decent. 

You also don’t get premium alcohol and barista made coffee. All in all, it’s a decent offering and a space to get away from the crowds in the main terminal building (even though you can see people through the glass!)

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