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Manila to Sydney Qantas business class Flight review


As one of the most well-known airlines in the world, Qantas offers several classes of service to its passengers. One of its most popular and well-regarded classes is its business class. In this review, we will take a closer look at Qantas’ business class flight from Sydney to Manila and vice versa including its amenities, service, and overall experience. Gazing out at the flying kangaroo logo whilst waiting to land 35000 feet in the air, in business class, could be worse! There was one major let down however on the Manila to Sydney leg of the flight. Read on to discover what it was!

sydney bound qantas view out of the window
When the window seat is the one you want in business class!

Check-In and Boarding Experience:

Qantas offers dedicated check-in counters for business class passengers, which can help to speed up the process and make it more comfortable. There are also dedicated security lines that can help to speed up the entire process, allowing passengers to move through the airport quickly and efficiently.

qantas plane at Sydney International Manila bound
Checking in was slightly painful but once on board things were better!

The check in at Sydney was painful however. Even though the queue was short 4 passengers ahead of us took a long time. You know the scenario! When it’s your turn a few clicks on a mouse and you’re off. One of the unexplained phenomenon of travelling.

At Manila airport, the check in process was swift and efficient with smiles from everyone. The flight back to Sydney is an evening flight, just shy of 8 hours.

Quick Index Manila to Sydney Qantas Business Class Flight

Qantas cabin sydney to Manila business class
The business class cabin has been refurbished since the global pandemic on most Qantas aircraft.

Once onboard the aircraft, business class passengers are greeted with a warm welcome, by name and guided to their seats. The cabin crew is friendly, professional, and attentive, creating a welcoming atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the flight. The pre take off drinks are swift to arrive.

The Cabin

Manila to Sydney Qantas Business Class Flight 2
The 1 – 2- 1 cabin configuration on board the Sydney to Manila business class flight and vice versa. The plane is an A330 300 for plane geeks who like to know such details.

The Manila to Sydney  Qantas business class cabin is a 1-2-1 configuration, with all seats facing forwards. We say this because on some Qatar business class flights we have been on, some seats face the rear of the plane. There are 28 business class seats and 269 economy seats. On both flights of the Sydney to Manila return flight there were no empty seats. You’ll be travelling on an A330 -300 which has business suites. Not quite as private as the Qatar business suites with a sliding door, but better than previous business Qantas business seats. The window seats provide the best privacy when travelling alone, but the divider in the middle seats provides decent coverage between yourself and a stranger in most seating positions.

qantas privacy screen business class.
The privacy screen is quite decent when you’re sitting down if you are next to a stranger in business class in the middle seats.

The cabin design is modern, elegant, and stylish, with clean lines and muted tones that create a calming atmosphere. The cabin is well-lit, with large windows that provide stunning views of the sky and the world below. This is the one time when you do want the window seat! Depending on your route the flight can be a bit warm. We usually find the cabin too warm coming from Australia to the rest of the world!

modern and elegant business class design Qantas a330-300 Manila to Sydney
A modern and elegant design onboard the Qantas A330-300 Manila to Sydney business class flight.

The seats on board the Manila to Sydney Qantas business class flight

Qantas’ business class seats are some of the most comfortable in the sky. The seats are spacious, with a generous amount of legroom and plenty of room to stretch out.

footwell Qantas A330-300 business class Sydney to Manila
Legroom is pretty good. C is 165 centimetres tall.

The seats are also fully adjustable, so passengers can find the perfect position for sleeping, working, or relaxing. All seats have a massage function which works at all angles, even in the lie flat bed mode. You are provided with a mattress to soften the lines between the back and the bottom.

window seats in business class are the best Qantas Sydney to Manila
The window seat is great in business class. Cannot say the same for economy class!
A personal mirror Qantas business Sydney to Manila
A personal mirror in your seat surrounds.
extra space for a magazine Qantas business class Manila to Sydney review only1invillage
Extra room for the in flight magazine. Does anyone really read that anymore?

The electronics

usb power plug seat controls Qantas A330 300 business class suites Sydney to Manila review. Only1invillage.
A bird’s eye view of the electronics around your seat on board the newly refurbished Thomson Aero seats. You will find USB, international adapter power access and seat controls at your finger tips.

The bathroom

The bathroom or toilets or washroom, whatever you want to call them are the same as economy class. The only difference is there are less people queuing for them. Surely we don’t need to show you a photo?!

Amenity kit

Qantas’ business class amenities are good. Passengers are provided with an amenity kit that includes skincare products, toothpaste, earplugs, and more. Each seat also comes with a cozy blanket and fluffy pillow, ensuring that passengers are comfortable throughout the flight. The toiletries bag has recently had an upgrade and is one you would want to keep. The range of skincare is the same as in the lounges (Li’tya). There are apparently six amenity kit bags to collect. 

business class kits for Qantas passengers 1980s design Manila to Sydney
There are 6 business class amenity kits to collect from Qantas. We received the 1980s design bag on both journeys from Sydney to Manila and vice versa. That’s 4 more bags for the collection!

Inside the plastic toothbrush has been replaced with a bamboo toothbrush. The paper used is all forestry commission certified and fully compostable. The plastic packaging contains 40% recycled plastic. Even the inner carton is made up of a plastic which has enhanced biodegradable properties. Clearly, Qantas is trying to present a more sustainable and environmentally friendly take away kit for its business class passengers.

On overnight flights passengers are offered Qantas pyjamas which are a cotton polyester blend. The smallest size available is medium. All pyjamas are grey coloured with a white kangaroo on the chest.

Qantas grey pyjamas. Polyester and cotton.
Qantas pyjamas are offered on overnight flights in business class. Sadly they are not 100 per cent cotton. The smallest size they have is medium.

Entertainment System

One of the standout features of Qantas’ business class is its impressive entertainment system. Passengers have access to an extensive library of movies, TV shows, music, and games, all of which are displayed on a large touchscreen display. The selection is vast and varied, with something for everyone. The new release films are standard offerings which most airlines will have and they are also divided into different categories for your viewing pleasure. The noise cancelling headphones provided make the sound experience whilst watching films  or listening to music so much clearer.

screen entertainment Qf19 Sydney to Manila business class
The Qantas screen in business class is clear and large. There is so much to choose from on the entertainment system for the 8 hour flights.

Food and drinks Dining Experience

yummy prawn apetizer Sydney to Manila QF19 Qantas business class
The lunch appetizer from Sydney was a delicious prawn dish which did not seem to match the description on the menu card! Nonetheless it was very succulent and refreshing.

Qantas’ business class dining experience is varied. We found a huge difference in the quality and taste  during both flights. From the Australian side into Manila the food was very good.

lamb sandwich main Qantas QF19 sydney to Manila business class review only1invillage
The sandwich of slow cooked chipotle lamb from Sydney was tasty, but the presentation could have been improved.
Creme caramel dessert QF19 business class review Sydney to Manila only1invillage
Vanilla creme caramel for dessert was a little gluggy and a touch too sweet.
fruit plate Qantas business class flight
Why not have a fruit plate too while you’re at it?!

On the way back, the food was oily, lacked taste and was presented badly. Maybe the origin country of the flight really has an effect on the quality of the dining experience, since the cabin and seats are obviously the same. 

The Manila to Sydney Qantas business class dining experience was probably the worst tasting we have experienced from Qantas.  In the picture below the bread roll was definitely not sourdough!

starter to a poor meal Manila to SYdney Qantas business class review

The beef and snapper dishes we chose, sounded really exciting but when delivered lacked any finesse and were presented poorly. 

Asado braised beef with star anise, soy and tomato. Served with steamed rice and gai lan. Sounded really tasty but in reality, was bland.
Asado braised beef with star anise, soy and tomato. Served with steamed rice and gai lan. Sounded really tasty but in reality, was bland.
not an impressive snapper dinner from Manila to Sydney on the Qantas business class flight
Seared snapper with spiced cauliflower, roast sweet potato with snow peas and coriander yoghurt sounded very gourmet. Unfortunately, the flavours were just missing and the presentation was clumsily put together and glistening with oil.

Passengers are served a gourmet meal that is expertly prepared, beautifully presented, and exquisitely delicious (usually). The menu is designed by renowned chef Neil Perry and features a range of options that cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. There are always vegetarian and gluten free options.

The wine list is also impressive, with a carefully curated selection of wines from around the world. However, like we always say, the food and wine is not as good as Emirates or Qatar business class, who have higher quality wines and better presented tableware. 

on;y1invillage review Qantas business class Sydney to Manila return breakfast
The best part of the breakfast as we were flying into Sydney from Manila was the smoothie. The coffee was bitter and not even hot, the muffin re heated to within an inch of acceptability and the yoghurt too sweet. All in all the most disappointing meal service we have received on board a Qantas flight departing from an Asian city.

The bar

There is no bar available on the Manila to Sydney Qantas business class route as the plane is not an A380.


pre take off drink sydney to Manila
You are always swiftly offered a pre take off aperitivo or glass of champagne or both on board a Qantas business class flight.

 The cabin crew are friendly, professional, and attentive, always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight. You are addressed by name as you board and are asked to fill in the breakfast menu card so you won’t be disturbed during the night on the way back from Manila and the dinner card on your way to Manila.

The crew are knowledgeable about the menu, the wine list, and the entertainment system, and they are always available to answer questions or provide assistance. If you have connecting flights the crew will reassure you that you won’t miss your next flight, as they contact with the crew on the ground at the landing destination.

Sometimes, the crew can seem a little flustered especially around meal times. This is more evident when the crew is young and inexperienced. On the other hand, when the crew are experienced, thy can sometimes appear a little aloof and just going through the motions. What is guaranteed is  smiling whether it be fake or not, you definitely don’t see miserable Qantas crew in business class.

Final thoughts

Qantas’ business class is good value offering a premium experience that is both luxurious and practical. From its comfortable seating and stylish cabin design to its impressive entertainment system and gourmet dining, Qantas business class ticks all the boxes for a very comfortable flight experience. The service is what one expects, and the attention to detail is somewhat hit and miss in every aspect of the experience. For those looking for a premium travel experience, Qantas’ business class is definitely worth considering.

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