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FinnAir A350 business class review


Finnair? Who? Is that connected to Finland? Where is Finland? Yes, Finland has its own fleet of planes including a business class product which we share with you now! Finnair business class review here we come!

Finnair business class review Helsinki to Singapore only1invillage
Finnair business class from Helsinki to Singapore.

Read our Finnair business class review from Helsinki, the capital of Finland to Singapore. From freezing temperatures to the humid and hot touchdown in Singapore, we reveal what you’ll get on your 11 and a half hour flight. The modern fleet is made up of A350 900 narrow body jets. It’s a late flight almost midnight so you will be ready to sleep when you get on board!

Quick Index of Finnair Business Class Helsinki to Singapore

The Finnair A350 business class cabin

After a traditional meal of meatballs and salad in the Helsinki lounge, which closed at 6pm (yes we had to slum it with the common people for 6 hours!) we were desperate to join the priority queue to get the pre flight champagne and kick our shoes off!. Due to this little thing called a global pandemic, the Finnair Lounge in Helsinki has drastically reduced its opening times. Also the main reason for choosing Finnair was to use the sauna area, which of course was closed. Wah, wah, wah, had we known, we would have flown via Dubai and with  Emirates business class who have fully opened their lounges.

Finnair A350 business class cabin configuration only1invillage
The A350 Finnair business class cabin is very bright and white. The configuration of the seats offer a good amount of privacy, even if you’re in the middle seats.

The configuration of the seats is a glorious 1-2-1. Off to a good start. This is one time where a window seat is great, when travelling alone. 

window seat a350 Finnair business class
The window seat offers good privacy on one side only and of course the view for take off and landing. It’s always the best seat if travelling alone.

The seats

bright refurbished seats A350 Finnair business class only1invillage review
Fresh bright colours on the A350 Finnair business class section.

Most seats are less than 2 years old. Finnair is in the process or refurbishing its entire fleet of A350 and A330 planes. According to their statement their seats will, “elevate your travel experience to new heights”.

When sitting up before take off, the seat doesn’t feel that padded and comfortable which is a bit surprising. The seat belt is also huge and quite heavy. 

Finnair usiness class seat heavy seat belt only1invillage
Look at the size of that seat belt! You definitely feel it when it is fastened.

There is no mattress for you to even out the gaps in the seat on the Finnair business class flight from Helsinki to Singapore.

the bed on Finnair business class Only1invillage
The seat in the bed position has large gaps which are not covered with a mattress.

There’s not a  huge amount of leg room in the up right position and you can see that lying down if you’re tall you’re going to have to keep those legs quite close together!

narrow footwell on the As50 Finnair business class from Helsinki to Singapore Only1invillage
The footwell becomes quite narrow. It’s ok for people under 185cms though! Start practising sleeping with your legs together.

There is ample storage in the overhead lockers/bins and each one is labelled with your closest seat number. Additional storage can be found in the padded ‘armrest’ which contains the noise cancelling headphones and a bottle of water.

noise cancelling headphones A30 Finnair business class Only1invillage
The noise cancelling headphones are always hiding in the armrest storage compartment!

In flight entertainment

Every passenger in business class gets 60 minutes free wi fi. However it was quite difficult to get a signal and it only worked half of the time.

good headphones A350 Finnair business class review Only1invillage
The noise cancelling headphones are a snug fit and provide good acoustics for whatever you’re watching on the entertainment channels.

When you have settled in and checked out your fellow passengers there’s plenty to watch and listen to. The screen is huge and has very good resolution. The latest world cinema films are available as well as some classic Golden Oldies. In addition, you have TV series, documentaries and more music than you can ever get through on a 12 hour flight.

Finnair Tv on business class flights A350 Only1invillage
The Finnair business class screen is crystal clear. Enjoy films, Tv shows, games and music.


The electronics around the seat

You can charge your laptop, connect to HDMI and USB ports from your seat. Everything is within easy reach and nothing is hidden or in a hard to reach corner.

electrics around the seat A350 Finnair business class Only1invillage
The electrics around your seat allow you to charge a variety of devices.

To control the seat itself there are a variety of self explanatory buttons.

buttons to make your seat flat on board Finnair business class Helsinki to SIngapore Only1invillage review
It’s almost bed time! Underneath the universal adaptor are the buttons which transform your seat to a flat bed. Of course there are varying degrees before you get to 180 degrees.

The amenity kits on the Finnair A350 business class

One word – disappointing.

amenity kit Finnair business class Only1invillage
What’s inside the bag? The outside of the amenity kit isn’t filling us with confidence.
Finnair slippers and amenity kit balnket Only1invillage
The amenities include a pair of grey slippers which are one size fits all. The blanket is a calming blue.

The amenity kit is quite mean and sparse. It is certainly not up to the standard of the Qatar business class amenity kit.

disappointing amenity kit on board Finnair A350 business class Only1invillage
Ta dah! The contents of the amenity kit are disappointing. No socks and no ear plugs.

The bags are definitely NOT classy and ones for keeping for future travels. Unlike the bags we received on Qatar Airways (see below)

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review men's toiletries contents business class
For gentlemen, on Qatar Airways this is what you get for the amenity kit. This is a bag you will want to re use. Compare this to the Finnair business class amenity kit bag above.

The food and beverages

glassware on business calss Finnair Helsinki to Singapore Only1invillage
The glassware is very unique on board the Finnair planes. The take off nuts were delicious.

It’s dinner time on the Helsinki to Singapore flight. The mains to choose from were fish or chicken. In no way does the presentation match up to the middle eastern airlines such as Qatar or Emirates. (See the photo below). However in taste, the food goes down a treat and is of fine dining quality.

What we really like about the Qatar food service is the cute little touches like the mini salt and pepper grinders and the table light.

Qatar Qsuite A350-1000 Doha to Singapore review breakfast Asian prawn congee business class
The prawn congee with shitake mushrooms, spring onion, ginger and soya sauce. Tasty and authentic.

The dinner menu was very interesting. A western and an Eastern option. We opted for the seafood and it was a delicious prawn appetizer and a baked salmon with vegetables. 

Finnair business class review dinner menu only1invillage
Will it be chicken or fish for your Finnish dinner?
drinks menu business calss Finnair Helsinki to Singapore Only1invillage
Before you can select your dinner you need to check out the drinks menu!


trout for dinnen Finnair business class review only1invillage
The trout with roasted potatoes, shitake mushrooms and nori oil was very tasty. It had been glow fried, don’t know what that means though!
Normandy apple pie dinner dessert Finnair business class review Only1invillage
The Normandy apple pie was moist and the apple pieces crunchy.
cheese plate Finnair business class review only1invillage
Just when you thought you couldn’t eat any more, the cheese selection comes out. Oh well, it’s all for the blog!

After a few good hours of sleep the clinking of plates and the smell of coffee is the signal for more food! Breakfast is served.

scrambled eggs with chorizo for breakfast Finnair business class review only1invillage
Scrambled eggs with chorizo for breakfast. There is no second choice for breakfast.

Throughout the flight Finnair offer a selection of sweet and savoury snacks. We were so full and bloated that we did not try any. If you have tried them, drop us a line and let us know what is on offer!

The service of the Finnair staff

From the moment you board the staff address you as Miss or Mr. They have done their homework and you can see your name on the passenger list has been hand written. Frequent fliers of Finnair business class got an extra special welcome and were copiously plied with alcohol offerings throughout the flight. As newbies to Finnair, we thought the service was efficient, friendly and not too intrusive. A few small details, such as noticing empty water bottles and replacing them, would have been good. Apart from that, there wasn’t much to improve on.

The Finnair A350 business class toilets

Well they were a bit disappointing. They were exactly the same as economy class. The only difference was the number of people using them and the number of times the toilet paper roll was folded into a triangle!


Finnair business class toilet only1invillage review
An economy style bathroom in the business class Finnair hard product.

However, you do get a better handwash in business class and the moisturizer too is of better quality.

business calss Finnair Helsinki to Singapore Only1invillage
The body lotion is the same brand you get in the amenity kit in the business class bathroom. Sadly, the size of the bathroom/ toilet is the same as economy class.

The Bar

There isn’t one!

Final Thoughts

All in all a very solid soft product, with good food and wine albeit with small touches like a table coth for dinner. The the seat and amenities are not as luxurious as Emirates or Qatar and you don’t get as much space overall. The flight time is also a big consideration with a 6 hour gap between closure of the Finnair lounge in Helsinki and the boarding time. Would we fly Finnair again? Probably not if given the choice.

While you’re in Helsinki airport don’t forget to pop into the Moomin Cafe. The Moomins are Finland’s answer to the Simpson’s and were a hit cartoon show. It also has comfortable seats to wait on during that long six hour gap. Go on, indulge your inner child!


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